Tools Engineer



Creating neuro-therapeutic medical experiences is a team effort and you thrive when working with others refining a core vision, building on abstract ideas, and finally focusing on concrete deliverables. You have a desire to take your skillset in math and programming and apply it to the cutting edge of clinical care and medical innovation.

You will be responsible for the overall maintenance, architecture, and evolution of a complete toolset for our internal medical gaming engine, including an in-game live editor. The tools should allow level designers as well as end users to create beautiful levels for a variety of games which push the boundaries of physics, interactivity, and fun. Candidates should have an excellent understanding of modern day game engine capabilities, as well as UI/UX for both technical and non-technical users.

The ideal candidate will possess the ability to learn concepts quickly. They should be good at math, art, and programming in a variety of languages and systems. A good eye and ear for aesthetics and phonaesthetics is important as well. We value candidates with wide and varied interests and hobbies.

Job Description

Develop new tools and features for our proprietary gaming engine. Write code to procedurally generate geometry for 3D game objects, environments, and terrain. Understand (or rapidly learn) the mathematics and indexing nuances of generating correct texture coordinates, normals, etc. for computationally generated geometry.

Works with technical and creative staff to develop and maintain UI/UX features to interface with all game object types (game parameters, environment, physics, sound and graphics components, etc.) used in the editing/design of games and game levels.

Collaborate with artists, articulating what assets are needed for 2D UI elements.

Parameterize game elements so they can be used seamlessly in level editor.

Maintain and evolve custom code for 2D UI, file IO, input boxes, and other custom interfaces.

Maintain audio integration into gaming engine. Understands FMOD or equivalent and works with sound designer and other technical staff to implement technical side of audio program which includes dynamic music and integration of sound with physics and visual effects.

Maintain art integration into gaming engine. Understands how to work with pipeline tools (3DS Max, Maya, ZBrush, or similar) to implement and streamline stable asset creation from concept to execution.

Apply advanced artificial intelligence (forward and inverse models), within well formulated problems with good boundary conditions to replicate human-players (supervised with large gold-standard data to train from).

Key Qualifications

  •  Proficiency (3-5+ years of experience) with C/C++ software development.
  •  Familiarity with C#/.NET, both back-end and UI.
  •  Strong with 3D math, parameterization, piecewise geometric construction, and linear algebra
  •  Familiarity with FMOD or WWise.
  •  Familiarity with 3D Graphics and Rendering.
  •  Familiarity with how to produce vertex/normal/texture data for rendering.
  •  Familiarity with physics engines (Bullet, PhysX).
  •  Familiarity with Bezier curves, surfaces, surface continuity, and tessellation a plus.
  •  Familiarity with advanced artificial intelligence, neural nets, and machine learning a plus.
  •  Passion for Nintendo-style video games a plus.
  •  Understanding UI/UX design, and the ability to filter and focus complex functionality into intuitive tools for level and game designers.
  •  Passion for developing, efficient and elegant features ground-up.
  •  Extremely confident in ability to learn and master new concepts quickly and solve problems with non-obvious solutions.


Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Math, Physics, or equivalent experience.

PhD in Computer Science, Math, or Physics a plus.

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