Physics Game Engineer



Creating neuro-therapeutic medical experiences is a team effort and you thrive when working with others refining a core vision, building on abstract ideas, and finally focusing on concrete deliverables. You have a desire to take your skillset in math, physics, and programming and apply it to the cutting edge of clinical care and medical innovation.

You will be responsible for maintenance and development of the overall physics architecture for our internal game engine (in Bullet and/or PhysX), physics game objects, effects, and simulations. You will develop multi-threaded and GPU based approaches for both existing and new features and effects.

The ideal candidate will possess the ability to learn concepts quickly. You should be good at physics, math, art, and programming in a variety of languages and systems. A good eye for motion and physics, with an appreciation for aesthetics, is important as well. We value candidates with wide and varied interests and hobbies.

Job Description

Develop and parameterize new physics elements and features (physics characters and vehicles, destructible environments, fluids, soft-bodies, and physics-based special effects) for proprietary game engine and tools (both standalone and in-game).

Create clever solutions addressing common physics-engine limitations (continuous collision detection, error-correction and penetration resolution, stability for higher-energy joint-constrained systems)

Evolve code-base to incorporate custom requirements and features, including GPU based parallelization, fluids (SPH), and deformable surfaces / soft bodies.

Work with tools engineer to incorporate parameterized physics game-elements into game-editor, and to generate vertex/normal/texture data for rendering physics geometry when necessary.

Works with technical artist to incorporate physics feedback information (collision strength, orientation, friction, etc.) for designing rendering and special effects.

Works with sound designer to incorporate physics feedback information (collision strength, orientation, friction, etc.) for designing dynamic sound effects.

Key Qualifications

  •  Significant expertise (minimum 5 years of experience) engineering in C/C++.
  •  Strong familiarity at an implementation-level with Bullet, PhysX, or similar physics engines.
  •  Expertise in multithreading and GPU compute
  •  Expertise in 3D math, linear algebra.
  •  Expertise in real-time numerical techniques and dynamics for rigid bodies, fluids, and soft bodies.
  •  Experience writing code for SPH simulations a plus.
  •  Familiarity with 3D graphics and rendering a plus.
  •  Passion for quality and attention for detail.
  •  Has a passion for developing, efficient and elegant features ground-up.


Master’s Degree in Computer Science (or Math, Applied Math, Physics or similar), PhD a plus. Exceptional or relevant experience may substitute for a degree.

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