Game Networking Engineer



Creating neuro-therapeutic medical experiences is a team effort and you thrive when working with others refining a core vision, building on abstract ideas, and finally focusing on concrete deliverables. You have a desire to take your skillset in networking, servers, and gaming and apply it to the cutting edge of clinical care and medical innovation.

We are looking for a skilled and passionate game networking engineer to help build emotionally powerful and highly interactive multiplayer features for neuro-therapeutic games and rehabilitation experiences that help people recover motor and cognitive function after brain injury.

You will be responsible for implementing and evolving network gaming and server infrastructure for our internal game engine, across a wide variety of current gaming platforms (PC, consoles, mobile). It will be necessary to work with existing code as well as implement new systems. You should have an excellent understanding of modern day real time network communication as applied to games (e.g. latency compensation and prediction) as well as high level systems (e.g. matchmaking).

The ideal candidate will be able to dive into a large codebase and do significant retrofitting work in order to build the necessary components for networked gaming. In addition to pure technical knowledge, it is important to have a good aesthetic eye and an intuition for how to tune network code to preserve gameplay feel in highly dynamic, physics rich environments. We value candidates with wide and varied interests and hobbies.

Job Description

Develop and implement game networking and communication architecture across a wide array of platforms, supporting real-time gameplay.

Implement server systems to provide necessary backend to support multiplayer gaming, including matchmaking, persistent statistics tracking, inter-player communication, etc.

Work with physics engineers to integrate simulation and network code in order to provide true multiplayer physics based experiences across multiple systems in real time.

Work with tools engineer to provide integration for network gaming and potentially collaborative live game editing.

Improve existing game code, and develop new code, to support networking requirements.

Implement other common server systems (analytics, data collection, player account management, etc).

Key Qualifications

  •  Strong proficiency (5+ years of experience) with C/C++ software development.
  •  Excellent understanding of real world networking code and architecture for games, along with common protocols and performance implications.
  •  Experience developing games to maintain interactivity over real-world networks with latency, packet loss, inconsistent packet delivery, etc.
  •  Knowledge of implementation of server and backend systems.
  •  Familiarity with databases, web services, and client integration with services from C++ client code (e.g. RESTful APIs, SQL queries, etc).
  •  Ability to understand and revamp existing codebases to suit needs of network communication.
  •  Passion for Nintendo-style video games a plus.
  •  Passion for developing, efficient and elegant features ground-up.


Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Math, Physics, or equivalent experience.

Master's Degree or PhD in Computer Science, Math, or Physics a plus

To apply please email your cover letter and CV to -