Graphics Engineer



Creating neuro-therapeutic medical experiences is a team effort and you thrive when working with others refining a core vision, building on abstract ideas, and finally focusing on concrete deliverables. You have a desire to take your skillset in 3D graphics, real-time rendering, and gaming and apply it to the cutting edge of clinical care and medical innovation.

We are looking for a skilled and passionate graphics engineer to help build emotionally powerful 3D graphics and visual effects for neuro-therapeutic games and rehabilitation experiences that help people recover motor and cognitive function after brain injury.

You will be responsible for advancing the rendering architecture and overall graphics quality of our internal game engine, across a wide variety of current gaming platforms (PC, consoles, mobile). It will be necessary to rework existing code as well as implement all-new techniques for cutting edge graphics. You should have an excellent understanding of modern day real time graphics, including foundational knowledge such as forward and deferred rendering, basic GPU architecture, and physically based shading.

The ideal candidate will possess the ability to learn concepts and new graphical techniques quickly. They will be highly capable with 3D math and linear algebra. In addition to pure technical knowledge, it is important to have a good aesthetic eye for tuning visuals to fit an overall artistic theme and desired mood/feel of a scene. We value candidates with wide and varied interests and hobbies.

Job Description

Develop and implement new graphics techniques and rendering pipelines in our proprietary game engine. Optimize rendering to run well on a wide variety of target platforms.

Write and tune shader code to create stunning visual results.

Work with artists and tools engineers to streamline pipeline of assets from concept to in-game rendering, integrating with tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, 3D Studio Max, Maya, and ZBrush.

Work with physics engineers to develop efficient and aesthetically appealing visuals based on physical effects (e.g. fluid rendering based on internal SPH simulation).

Collaborate with artists to develop unique and appealing visual identity for our games, with an eye towards minimizing production budgets.

Improve existing code, and optimize new code, to fit current and future rendering systems including DirectX 12, Vulkan, and potentially GPU-based raytracing.

Key Qualifications

  •  Strong proficiency (5+ years of experience) with C/C++ software development.
  •  Excellent understanding of current GPU architecture across all major gaming platforms.
  •  Strong with 3D math and linear algebra.
  •  Knowledge of current rendering techniques, such as physically based shading, shadow maps, global illumination, post-processing, etc.
  •  Familiarity with current rendering APIs, including DirectX 11/12, OpenGL, Metal, Vulkan, etc.
  •  Familiarity with GPU-based compute and its use in real-time rendering.
  •  Familiarity with rendering for virtual and augmented reality.
  •  Passion for Nintendo-style video games a plus.
  •  Passion for developing, efficient and elegant features ground-up.


Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Math, Physics, or equivalent experience.

Master's Degree or PhD in Computer Science, Math, or Physics a plus.

To apply please email your cover letter and CV to -